Our Story

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Every great idea starts with a dream and journey. We couldn’t find performance fashion that was both versatile and comfortable; athleisure that would meet on-field functionality while remaining sleek and sophisticated at the same time. So we created it.

Our products feature unique moisture-wicking technology that keeps you cool or warm as needed. We merge the highest quality fabrics with the most modern and active-inspired silhouettes. Every item has been tested and validated by YOU. 

We design our products to fit like a second skin, to go from the gym to the street, to transcend boundaries and to offer uncompromising comfort for all aspects of your lifestyle. We believe in the power of strength and wellness. And we believe that mindful movement leads not just to a better life, but to your best one.

At Leg3nd, we’re fostering a team of innovators, designers, and disruptors. Sure, we’re also creating the most technical and premium apparel you can find both on and off the field, but it’s about more than that. We’re building a community through fashion, art and sports. We’re partnering with charities to encourage kids to get involved in fitness. We’re networking directly with our consumers at all times – no third parties.

We’re not just looking to play the game – we’re looking to change it.